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A note to visitors: Please do not be too alarmed about the bug fixes listed on these pages. We try very hard to produce reliable software but occasionally problems surface, and when they do we rectify them as soon as possible. Each release comes with a 'Latest information' file that details all the changes (except for the most minor) made in each build, with all bug fixes detailed. Our experience is that our users prefer the candid approach to one of denial and slipstreamed changes. We operate low price subscription update schemes for our programs which keep users up to date during the period of the subscription.

Online support forums - ask your questions and give us your feedback

Questions whose answers may help other users are best asked on our forums. Other questions (e.g. relating to renewals and activation keys) can be emailed to

SuperBeam and ProSteel manual

Want a printed manual? A 101-page manual covering SuperBeam and ProSteel. £6.95 + P&P, latest revision May 2017. Orders for our manuals are handled by Lulu, a print on demand service - allow 7-10 days for delivery. Please do not send orders for manuals to us or AM Resources as we will have to return them to you. First-time buyers of SuperBeam and/or ProSteel will be sent a manual automatically.

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Web update option

If you have current update cover for any of our programs you can download updates from our website as soon as they become available. See How to use the web updates facility.

Recommended reading

See our list of recommended books. Your suggestions for further additions to the list are welcome.

Basic structural design courses

One-day courses on Basic Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers are run by CABE. For details click here

Have your site listed on our Users' Sites page

If you are a registered user of the current version of SuperBeam 4 or ProSteel 5 and would like a link to your site or home page click here to send us details of your site address.

Who are all these people?

We'd like to pretend that we wrote every last line of code within our programs. Alas, life's too short! The disclaimer screens on our programs state that code within them is used under licence from the copyright holders. To give credit where it's due, the names refer to the following products:

Embarcadero - Delphi, the development system used to write our applications

Debenu Inc/Gnostice Information Systems - PDF generation code

TMS Software - Numerous dialog components - data entry grids etc - and script processing

JRsoftware - the Inno Setup installer program

Francois Piette - ICS Internet access components

Thank you to you all!

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