SuperBeam 7, ProSteel 7 and EuroBeam 3 visual themes

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In SuperBeam 7, ProSteel 7 or EuroBeam 3 click on the RGB button at the end of the toolbar and select the desired theme from the drop down list.

Hold your mouse over any of these images to read the theme name

Amakrits Amethyst Aqua Light Slate Auric Cobalt Cyan Dusk Cyan Night Diamond Emerald Light Slate Golden Graphite Iceberg Lavender Luna Metro Blue Obsidian Sapphire Silver Sky Slate Grey Smoky Quartz Sterling Tablet Light Tablet Dark Windows Grey

Cyan Night, Diamond, Emerald Light Slate and Sterling were added to Feb 2017 releases

Mid-2020 releases will replace Golden Graphite and Metro Blue themes with new ones