SuperBeam, ProSteel and Eurobeam End User Licence Agreement

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Demo version

Demo versions of SuperBeam ProSteel and Eurobeam are made available for trial purposes only and you may spend up to 30 days evaluating them. At the end of this period you must remove them from your system if you have not purchased your own licensed copy. You may NOT sell any services to others that involve the use of demo versions of our software.

DEMO VERSION LIMITATIONS: Demo version of our programs do not allow printing or copying program output, superimpose a watermark over screen calculations and the steel data file only contains sections with a mass of 50kg/m or less. These limitations are removed when you install the full (paid-for) version.

Full (paid-for) version

Unless you have bought multiple licences or an unlimited user site licence you may not install or run SuperBeam, ProSteel or Eurobeam on more than one computer or a computer network unless there is no possibility of the program being used by two or more persons at the same time (for example, if you are a sole principal you may install copies on your home and office computers, or desktop computer and laptop). In addition you may make archive or back-up copies of the program for your own use.

Each licensed copy of the program has a unique serial number to enable the source of any illegal copy to be traced. If you have purchased the software as an upgrade from or update to an earlier version it constitutes a single product with the software being upgraded. Any activation code issued to you must not be disclosed to any other party.

All versions

Whilst all reasonable care has been used in producing SuperBeam, ProSteel and Eurobeam they are only distributed on the basis that no responsibility for any consequential loss or damage arising from their use will be accepted by Greentram Software or any other party. Disks or manuals will be replaced within 60 days of purchase if they contain defects in material or workmanship: no other warranty, express or implied, is given.

Calculations made in connection with actual projects should only be carried out by persons with adequate experience. Any reference to any particular form of construction within the program manual or either program is not to be taken as a recommendation of its suitability for use in any actual building. All calculations should be independently checked by someone having sufficient knowledge and experience to detect errors in data entry, calculated results and the suitability of the proposed forms of construction for their intended purpose.

The manual should be read in conjunction with the Building Regulations, British Standards and other relevant technical information. All trademarks used in this manual and within the program are acknowledged

Please note: If you're looking for a quicker and easier way of producing calculations and have a sound knowledge of the underlying engineering principles, then do check out our software. Do not use a any of our programs for real-life structural design unless you have a sound understanding of loads, design parameters and the ability to appraise the overall performance of a structure. If you don't, please consult a qualified professional.

SuperBeam, ProSteel and EuroBeam are COPYRIGHT Greentram Software

SuperBeam, ProSteel and EuroBeam include code portions copyright Aspack Software, Embarcadero Technologies, Gnostice Information Technologies, OverByte sprl, Plasmatech Software Design, Simdesign BV and TMS Software used under licence.

SuperBeam and EuroBeam are registered trade marks of Greentram Software. ProSteel is a trade mark of Greentram Software.

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